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Lemon Plant

Lemons are grown only to a limited extent in homestead gardens. Limes are available throughout the year in some part or the other in our country. They are used as fresh fruit or for the preparation of pickles and beverages. They are rich in vitamin C, minerals and salts.

Acid lime can be propagated by seed, budding or air layer. Since it is highly polyembryonic, seedlings are true to type and resistant to diseases. Propagation by seedling is recommended. Budded plants on Jambheri or Gajanimma are used for planting lemons.

Pits of box 60 x 60 cm size are dug 5 to 6 meters apart each way and filled with 30 to 40 kg. Farm yard Manure or compost and Top soil along with 2 kg superphosphate. One year old, healthy seedlings of recommend acid lime variety of bud grafts of choice lemon variety is used for planting. Most ideal season for planting is the onset of monsoon (June - July) for both time and lemon. However, in heavy rainfall area September-October would be appropriate planting season.

Guava L 49/Barafkhana

Guava grafted plant Barafkhana , it is a very best quality plant in size and taste. Barafkhana guava is not much popular but any other brand can not compare from this variety, the fruit of barafkhana in size is very big comparing to other brand. The market value of barafkhana is very high.

'Barafkhana', as the name suggests, was an ice factory which happened to lie in the orchard where an indigenous guava variety of Malihabad was grown. Over the years, the variety earned the sobriquet, 'barafkhana'.

Pomegranate Udaya 49

The pomegranate, botanical name Punica granatum, is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree in the family Lythraceae that grows between 5 and 8 m (16 and 26 ft) tall.

The pomegranate is an ancient fruit with a wealthy history, symbol, art, medicine and religion. It has always been an important part of the Middle Eastern diet until lately.

The pomegranate tree is a deciduous tree, which bears the fruits and grows to an average height of 5–8 meters in length. The leaves of the tree are rectangle narrow and have a silky texture. The leaves are 3-7 cms in length and are 2 cms broad. The fruit has a strange hexagonal shape with a thick red skin and around 600 seeds. The fruit seeds range in color from white to deep red.

The pomegranate fruit shows presence of rich beneficial antioxidants, like polyphenols, tannins and anthocyanins. The antioxidant level of pomegranate juice is higher than in other fruit juices, red wine or green tea.

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